Friday, June 25, 2010

Another great summer day

We have had quite a few nice days in a row. It sure is a relief from the dreary days we had to contend with.
While visiting a friend down the road from us we watched the Alpacas across the street. They are a real nosy bunch and all came to the fence to look at us in return. We had a little baby with us and so did the Alpacas. It is the cutest little animal, rolling in the dirt and then shaking and getting rid of all the dust.

I was in Duncan today and am happy to say that 3 times I parked perfectly. WOW that was a first since we have the new car. One thing I really like about it is the air-conditioning.  But there are not many other things I like about the new Accord. In order to see reasonably well, not perfectly by all means, I have to pump the driver's seat to it's highest setting which in turn does not let me see the dash instruments properly. I think that having the seat so high is what let me park better. I still wish I would be driving the old 1987 Accord. Why oh why did we sell it!!!! But then I have to think of the good things like air-conditioning. I suppose sooner or later I will get used to the new beast.

Later on Cliff and I drove to Mill Bay to drop a prescription off and get some beer for our get-together on Sunday afternoon. When we came back it was time to make some tacos for our supper which is only a small meal for us and after that it was News time.

Good night everybody ☺



Randy and Pam Warner said...

Hope you get to liking the new Honda Accord. We had one in 1980 and loved it. We traded it for our first RV, a 1978 VW camper van...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if you grew a few inches or a half a foot, your problem with the new car could be solved, they don't make the average car for the little people!!

Brenda said...

3 perfect parking episodes in one day! That's a great day.

Boracay accommodation said...

What a great summer you had.
Did you have time to visit the beach this summer?