Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Egg No 2

When I looked in the nest last night there was only the one egg but this morning I saw 2. It looks like Momma lays her eggs at night.

birdnest  4

This afternoon I checked from behind our patio door and saw Mom or Dad sitting in the nest.


It's pretty hard to see so I circled the nest in red. I took the picture without a flash because I did not want to scare the bird. It was pretty windy and the basket was swinging in the wind. After a little while the nest was empty again and I figured there would be another egg but that was not the case. Now I hope I will see No. 3 tomorrow morning.
I researched Juncos on the internet and found out that they are monogamous.  They can have 2 broods per season but rarely use the same nest twice.
Years ago we had on Oregon Junco that saw its reflection in anything it could and pecked at it. I had to clean several spots on our windows quite often. It never happened again though. 
This morning I finally cleaned out our storage/cold room. It was so full I could hardly take a step without tripping over something. It is a good feeling to get that done. Then I made lunch and afterwards did a bit of ironing, which is really rare for me. Normally I say if I cannot wash and wear something I don't want it. 
That was my day and I hope yours was good too.
Good night everybody ☺

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good day. Nice to see the second little egg. How long til they hatch? How are you going to water the plant?