Sunday, June 27, 2010

A bird story

When I watered the flower baskets on our balcony yesterday morning I heard a little noise behind me. At first I thought it was the basket moving but then it sounded like it came from behind me so I turned around and a little bird (I think it was a Junco) sat on the balcony railing with what I think was some deer hair in it's beak. I could tell it was terribly mad at me chirping and running towards me and then back a few times. Finally it dropped the hair and flew into a bush on the ground still chirping like it was really upset. I was wondering what the heck was wrong with that bird.
Later on Cliff worked on lowering the baskets so they would get more sun and I noticed that 2 of the flower plants were a little far apart and I wanted to correct that. When I started to move the dirt I noticed  the nicest little bowl shaped nest all padded with hair and other soft material. Then I understood the little bird. It was protecting it's territory and I was the intruder. I was so sorry I did not catch on earlier when it tried to chase me away. I left the nest alone and really hope it will come back. It would be so nice to watch some babies grow up. There were no eggs yet and I doubt we will see any because I had my fingers in there before I knew it was there.

birdnest (2)

We had our Sunday get-together this afternoon and also had an uninvited guest outside. He may be uninvited but always welcome.
deer 27.6 (2)
I just wish he would leave our flowers alone. I know that is too much to ask, so the only flowers we have are in the garden and on the balcony.
We had a great day even though it was cloudy most of it.
Good night everybody ☺


Gypsy said...

I hope the bird comes back. I love to see the deer but they do play havoc with most kinds of flowers.

Anonymous said...

How would you feel if you just finished building your house and someone moved it to a more dangerous location, no wonder that bird was peeved.,.,,.,,