Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer has arrived

and with it STRAWBERRIES ☺ Above photo is of our first batch. I cut them up, added a minute amount of sugar and topped them with whipped cream. They tasted divine ☺ 2 days later the second batch arrived and we just had some without sugar and also with whipped cream. Our patch is particularly good this year and I think it is due to the good care Cliff took of the bed last fall. He dug the whole thing up and renewed the soil and fed it before planting only the best of the new plants that had started. Our raspberry hedge is also doing fine and if all goes well we should have lots to eat fresh and for the freezer. I used to make lots of jam but it seems we don't eat much of that any longer. Calories... you know !!!!
Our Tiger Lilies are a bit late this year. We have lots of buds but nothing is in bloom yet.
I harvested a romaine lettuce and after sorting and washing the leaves I ended up with over 2 pounds of lettuce. It was really big. All year long we have a salad with our lunch although in the winter I have to buy it.
I am sorry to say that this year I have not seen any little winter squash plants. Every year before they used to spring up all over the garden and I had to pull out a lot but nothing this year. Maybe it is because Cliff got 3 loads of horse manure and spread it around very thick. I guess the poor little things could not push through that.
It was a beautiful day and we did a few things around the yard.
Good night everybody ☺



Gypsy said...

Those strawberries sure look delicious. I like a little sugar on mine also.

Anonymous said...

I would really like to try some of your romaine, I bet it is delish! I really like raspberries too, so if you could send me some, I would greatly appreciate it. I think the contrast with the strawberries and plate, aren't working, you must choose a plate that is either white or a color that isn't opaque, Cheers