Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm so glad

that I did not chase the mommy away for good. Here is proof

birdnest 3

I looked this morning and saw the egg. I made sure Mom or Dad were not around and took a quick  picture. I did not see either parent today. I wonder if Mom lays all the eggs before she starts sitting on them. Apparently they usually have 4 - 6 eggs sometimes twice a year. I will be looking forward to monitoring the process.
It was a cloudy morning and after I hung some sheets on the line it did not take long and I had to haul them back inside to dry in the dryer. It had started to rain. In the afternoon we had a little bit of sunshine and hopefully there will be more tomorrow.

Good night everybody ☺



Nicki said...

Oh goodie, I love watching this process. I hope you'll take lots of pictures.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope you get more eggs, and that the chicks aren't camera shy, you can always keep the eggs warm yourself if the mother doesn't come back, but them what on earth would you feed them, how are your regurgitating skills????