Thursday, June 10, 2010

Waiting for the sun

It peeks out once in awhile so I hope it will shine more permanently soon.
I have been informed that my Wildflower bouquet is actually a bouquet of weeds! I don't care what they are called I think they look very pretty and there are lots more where they came from at a very good price ☺
Cliff tried to dig up some buttercups yesterday but the ground was too wet. Now there is a weed that we hate. The bloom might look pretty but it is too invasive and very hard to eradicate. Seems that is a job that has to be done every year.
Since he could not work in the garden we went shopping at Costco. I really like going to that store. This is the first year we had a Costco card. I don't buy much there because quite often the price is not any cheaper than for instance at Superstore and I try to patronize local businesses. I needed some Vidalia Onion salad dressing and Costco is the only store I have seen that. We found a few other things that I could not possibly live without!! We were lucky with the weather, dry roads and no rain, that started just after we got home. The weatherman predicted sunshine starting tomorrow for the next few days. I will hold him to his word.
A few days ago I recorded the movie "A tree grows in Brooklyn"  I read the book a long time ago and since the movie is in black and white you can imagine how long ago that was. I am watching it on my TV in the kitchen while I do the cooking and cleaning. Nice way to do chores.
Time to carry on with my day.
Good bye everybody ☺



Gypsy said...

I always bought Vidalia Onion dressing at Costco when I lived in VA. You can't seem to find it in CA, although I don't check for it all the time.

Anonymous said...

We bought the vidalia onion dressing and you had to buy two big bottles, and neither of us liked it, so I used it as a marinade for chicken, and got rid of it that way. The trouble with Costco is you have to buy at least two or three of any one item, and if you don't like it, tough toenails. That is why the demonstrators are there, but you don't to try everything, and therein lies the problem. Costco Pharmacy is usually cheaper than anywhere else, but that is about it. In Alberta, the meat at Safeway is better and cheaper than Costco, but of course we still have a membership, as we hate to miss out on things that aren't anywhere else to be found. I am going to bingo at the seniors today, would you like to join MOI???