Friday, June 18, 2010

You can't fight City Hall... or can you?

Last Friday at supper time the doorbell rang and 2 nice young ladies handed me a brochure.
 Eco Depot
Eco Depot 2
The property for this has been a farm for as long as Cliff's Family has lived here, since 1952. The infrastructure that would lead to this "ECO Depot" is totally inadequate and has to be updated greatly.
It would serve 16 000 people and create lots of traffic.  There are lots of houses in very close proximity. On the other hand there is an industrial park only about 1 mile away from there where we already have a large composting facility. This facility has applied for a license to do exactly what our CVRD wants to establish on this former farm. I cannot understand why the Municipality wants to compete with business!!  Why would they want to take a large piece of land out of the property tax pool for something that could generate more tax base if they would get the license they have applied for?
Tomorrow morning will be another session at the proposed site. We went to the first one last Tuesday and will certainly go to the next one. We had a very hostile crowd and I think we will even get a bigger crowd tomorrow.
Nobody knew anything about this until it was sprung on us by the young ladies that came around with that brochure. It looks like a done deal but we will fight it any way we can. This is a pristine neighbourhood and we don't want it spoiled and polluted.
Wish us luck!
Good night everybody ☺

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Those berries look good, nothing like in the stores, hope they were delish!