Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A good day for weeding

That's what I did today for awhile. It was not too hot to be outside. The sun came out off and on but for the most part it hid behind some clouds which suited me perfectly.
Before I came in I pulled a nice butter lettuce and some green onions which was part of our lunch. The salad tastes so good when it is that fresh from the garden.
After lunch and clean-up I went out again for a bit more weeding. Before that I walked up to the mail boxes to see if anybody thought of us. Yes they did but unfortunately it was only the bank statement. I had taken my camera for that walk because I wanted to show one of the most intrusive plants on Vancouver Island. It is the Scotch Broom. Here is what I found out about it:

Control can be as seriously challenging because there are no simple solutions. Physical removal--simply pulling or grubbing out--will eliminate plants, but the soil disturbance can result in a plethora of new seedlings. Fortunately, seedlings are easy to pull while still young. Programs of biological controls have introduced a stem miner and seed beetle with limited success. Goats have proved more effective but require direct management. Herbicides such as Roundup have been widely used, but toxicity, particularly in wildland ecosystems, creates a new set of challenges.

This is how our road looks at the moment. It is actually quite nice looking at this time of the year but later on it has only pods and just drab looking leaves.

DSC02137 [HDTV (720)]
DSC02142 [HDTV (720)]

On the way home I picked a small bouquet of wildflowers.

DSC02143 [HDTV (720)]

All told it was a great day.
Good night everybody ☺


Gypsy said...

I just love sunny days that aren't too hot.

Anonymous said...

Howdy Vera, it is too bad the Shawnigan Flower show is over or you could have entered that floral arrangement and taken first prize handily. It looked beautiful, especially with the perfectly matching vase. Well Done!!!!!!

Randy and Pam Warner said...

Looks like it was a beautiful day and beautiful flowers to go with it!