Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The third egg arrived

When I looked at the nest through the balcony door I saw Mom sitting on the nest. I waited a few hours and finally started to water the flower baskets. It did not seem to bother Mom when I watered the other 3 baskets so I thought I'd sneak by her and water her basket from the rear avoiding the nest. After a few moments she flew off and I was so sorry I bothered her but I snuck in and took a picture of the nest now with 3 eggs.


In no time at al Momma was back on the nest. I think tomorrow morning I'll wait until she leaves the nest and then water the basket and maybe take another picture if there is another egg. Today I monitored the nest and found Mom gone a few times. I guess she is not really bothered by me as long as I stay a distance away. Being able to watch that nest is probably a once in a lifetime experience for me.
I weeded our bean patch this afternoon. We can surely grow weeds better than any vegetable ☺ We finally have some Lilies in bloom.


We got the tubers last year for our 50th wedding anniversary and they came back with a vengeance. I am so pleased. Thanks Nicki ☺ That was a gift that keeps on giving.
It was a medium-rare day again. Some clouds and some sun and thankfully no rain. Cliff is still getting strawberries and we had some with whipped cream twice today. So much for a diet .....
Stay tuned for more bird stories.

Good night everybody....

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Anonymous said...

Those lilies look beeuttifullll... and lots of them coming, fantastic... I don't think anything will keep momma off her eggies, outside of a 7.5 earthquake, whoops bad part of the world, let's hope not!! She'll probably stop at 5 eggs, any wagers' out there???