Monday, June 8, 2020

Big annoyance today

Sorry to write this but it might be a warning to other people.
We buy lots of bananas and keep some in our cold room and put some in a glass bowl on the dining room table. Sometimes the bowl is pretty full with other fruit and yesterday we had too many already soft bananas which the one who will not be named placed on the placemat next to the bowl. This morning I was able to put the bananas in the bowl and needed to straighten the placemat (OCD kicking in) but it was stuck to our beautiful oak dining table 😩 . Pulling it off I saw that there were  lots of whitish spots imbedded in the wood. I almost had a heart attack because something similar happened once when I placed part of a banana that I was eating on my dresser for only a short while and to this date the outline is still visible 😭
I used lemon oil and some other wood cleaner today and a lot came out but there are still spots that I have to live with. So people be careful where you stash your bananas 👍😉

I hope tomorrow I can write a more pleasant post.
Like Janna always says...
Life is good! (I think I will adopt that!)

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  1. I think I trashed that Oak table more than the banana when you lived in Indonesia. Good thing you usually have a tablecloth over it!