Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Rain and memory

While I was sitting in the living room this morning looking at the rain come down I knew I should be happy about it but at the same time I did not like seeing it. I prefer to see our beautiful green trees in the sunlight. I am glad our garden is getting the benefit of the rainwater rather than just the well water. Living in the country and using a well at least the water has no added chlorine. 
With nothing better to do I began thinking about my youth. 
When I was in high school we had classes on Saturdays too, running from 8 AM to 1 PM.  Sometimes the last period was cancelled but on those  days I did not go home and my best friend and I wandered around the Saturday market especially to the bakery stands. They made delicious pastry called “Amerikaner” moist base and a lemon glaze. To me they tasted to die for. So we bought lots of those and ate one after the other until we were full to overflow. Of course when I got home lunch was on the table and I had to eat that too unless I wanted to confess, which I did not want to do since that would spoil my other Saturday adventures. 
On one of those days my girlfriend stuck her finger in one of the pastries held it up in the air and asked the salesman  “how much is it?” Then after he told her the price she put it back down and said “too expensive” I thought the salesman exploded he was so mad. Of course she always planned to buy it and we went away munching and thinking it was a good joke. Now I am not so sure how good it was 😉
That’s all for now
Life is good!


  1. A couple of things:
    1. Imagine the bad things your friend would do in this day and age!
    2. Imagine how naughty you would be if you were born 60 years later!
    3. I preferred the larger font - please change back
    5. I love your stories of the olden days - keep em coming!

  2. I love this!!

  3. Sonja, I’ll try for a larger font. I think it happened because I wrote it on the “pages” app first and then copied and pasted it. This new Blogger is a learning curve for me.

  4. Thanks, Rachel. I'll try to write for awhile until I run out of thoughts :-)