Thursday, June 11, 2020

More about bread

On Tuesday I saw that we were almost out of bread so I decided I better get busy. My recipe originally takes only one day but when I made it the last time it ended up having big holes, desired by the REAL artists, but I don’t like stuffing the holes with butter so that the jam won’t drop on my lap through the holes, it happened often enough before, so I thought I’d try doing it in 2 days.
The recipe calls for a first mix of the ingredients then a wait of 15 minutes and after that with the dough hook installed another mix of 5 minutes. After the first mix I was just going to check something on my iPad but got waylaid by the TV and after an episode of Perry Mason I finally remembered my 15 minute dough ðŸĪ“ I rushed to the kitchen and did the dough hook thing. Unfortunately when I wanted to get the result in my oiled bowl for it’s overnight rise in the fridge my hands got more or less glued to the dough. It was a horrible experience but in the end I won without too much loss of the dough and it went into the fridge. 
The next morning I was able to shape it and let it rise again. 
Here is the result: just normal little crumb 😁 and the taste is excellent. Proof of that is that it is already half gone ðŸ˜Đ. We went from eating no bread to this much after I started making sourdough bread.

Life is good ðŸĪ—


  1. Beautiful bread. Same here, we went from eating very little bread to baking bread often!

  2. Do you bake yeast or sourdough bread? I have baked just about all our bread for more than 40 years but it was always yeast bread. Now I don’t think I will go back to yeast 😁

  3. No more bread Mom! It looks great and tastes great but won't keep you slim and trim! Remember, I still need you to be around for several more years. When I am all grown up and don't need you anymore you can eat all the bread you want!

  4. OK Sonja, I try to cut down on it. 😁 might not work though ðŸĪŠ

  5. Dan, it is yummy. Come on down and you can taste it plus I can give you some Sourdough starter :-)