Thursday, April 8, 2010

A beautiful sunny day

but it is windy.
This morning I saw a Northern Flicker on the tree stump in front of our house. Cliff said he saw quite a few the other day feasting on our lawn. We know that this year there are lots of leatherjackets under the grass. They push up little piles of dirt so that's how we know. I have been waiting for the swallows to show up again. They were here the first time about 3 weeks ago and then again on Easter Friday during the storm but since then we have not seen them. Cliff had cleaned the two swallow houses we have on the garage. He found a wasp nest in one. That is the one that originally had a rats nest in it when we received it from a friend. Even though Cliff cleaned it no swallow would nest in it. This year he really scrubbed it and painted it and also changed position with the other one. Maybe that is something they did not like. Last year they arrived on the 4th of April to stay so they are overdue. I sure hope they still come because I love to watch them fly when I am drinking my tea after lunch.
I made a chicken curry on rice with cauliflower and a big salad for lunch with enough leftover for another meal. I also made a pea soup for tonight. We had some of the pepperoni left over from the pizzas I made. It was pretty salty so Cliff would rather have it in a soup. It makes the soup pretty tasty.
We started both fires this morning but with the sun it is getting too hot in the house and I had to open the kitchen window while I was cooking. I'll be glad when heating season is over. It's messy :-( just like Janna says in today's Blog.

Until I'll write again I hope you all have a great time.

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  1. Howdy Vera, was surprised to see you back, that was a quick summer, and not that warm, I must say!! I had to comment on that chicken curry on rice, that is one of my favorites, so when we come back for a visit, make sure that is on the menu, with cauli and salad, couldn't have scripted a better main entre, yummy!!! Cheers

  2. Hey! The constant pressure worked! Thank goodness, now Safi will have something to do again!! xoxo