Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Perfect Storm!

It was wicked yesterday. The storm started here at 10 AM and it did not take long before the power went off. Luckily we saw it coming and had the computers shut down and disconnected from the electricity. At times the trees were at a 30 degree angle. I have not seen it like this for a long time. Cliff called Hydro at the beginning of the power outage and was told it might come back on at 4 PM He decided to get the generator going so we could have some light since we were doing our taxes.
At one time we heard a big crash and Cliff later on found out that a tree had come down across our neighbour's driveway.  Cable was also down for awhile. We did not turn the computers on for the rest of the day. The storm carried on during the night but now it is calm again except there is another storm on the way for tomorrow. Our power came back on around 4 PM as predicted.
The Marina at Mill Bay has been totally destroyed. The pictures on the News were horrible. I feel so sorry for people whose boats were affected.  An acquaintance of ours has a boat moored there but had it up on the hard for cleaning and repair. He was sure lucky because it survived. We used to moor our boat there after we bought it but in the first winter it got scratched up during another terrific storm. As soon as it calmed down we sailed the boat to Maple Bay Marina instead.
Hopefully tonight we'll be able to sleep.
Good night everybody ☺



  1. Where are your storms coming from? They sound really scary, and I hope you come through unscathed.

  2. Whew, sounds like a terrible storm! Glad you guys had no damage. It is Easter Sunday and it looks more like Christmas Day outside--snow, snow and very cold.

  3. What a storm -a n on easter Sunday too. Did you manage to get the pizzas baked?

  4. That sounds awful! The big pines sure are scary during a storm.