Thursday, April 1, 2010

Income Tax

My head spins! I hate income tax time but it has to be done.
This morning I did a lot of housework and then started on the taxes but after awhile I had to quit to made lunch. After lunch we decided to do another quick drive to Duncan. Home Hardware had Dutch hoes on sale and Cliff has wanted one of those for awhile now. I also had to get a bunch of ingredients for the pizzas I will make for our get-together on Sunday. I know it's Easter Sunday but I like pizza just as much.
As soon as we returned I went back to the taxes. I'll be glad when that is all sent off. I know we owe taxes so there is actually not much of a rush.
We have been playing Dominoes every night and I am sad to say that after my initial win I have lost the last 3 games; so you see even though I'm the one who keeps score I still lose. Sooner or later my luck will have to change.
Time to watch TV.
Good night everybody ☺


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  1. Is there any plums starting on that plum tree yet? Plums and peaches are my two favorites, let me know when they are ripe and I will help you harvest them!!