Monday, April 5, 2010

Laundry Monday

Lots to do today but nothing interesting.
We had a good Easter with friends coming over for the afternoon. Instead of a big Easter Dinner I served homemade Pizza. I usually make 6 at a time and freeze what we don't eat at once.  We really enjoyed them with a glass of wine and our favourite sour cherry Torte afterwards.
Now I think that I will stop blogging for awhile but I will still read all of the Blogs I am following.
Hope everybody will have a great Summer.
Good night everybody ☺



  1. I'm going to miss your blog if you stop. How about once a week, or every now and then? Have a great summer.

  2. howdy Vera, I guess it is ok if you take the summer off, after all you're not getting any younger. Rick used to read your blog every morning, but now that he is back to work, he doesn't find the time, so if you could start up again in October, that would be fine.,.,., Cheers.

  3. I'll miss your blog, too. Have a great summer.

  4. Have yourself a nice summer Vera & thanks for hangin in with the Bayfield Bunch:))

  5. CAN NOT stop have followers...Saffie was devestated...just as you get her hooked you quit.....and why do you need a break? Is your social calendar that full? Hummmmm??? No, you just get back on that keyboard missy and start typing!!!!