Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lots of Veggies

Our tomatoes are finally ripe and Cliff picked a big bucket of them this morning.
DSC02570 (Medium)

Now I will make more sauce after all.
Blackberries are ripe as well and the yellow jackets have been in them. Today is not too bad because it is quite windy so Cliff wants to pick some. I have too much blackberry juice and jam already so I told him to cut the bushes down ☺ which of course he will not do.
Yesterday I picked 10 great cucumbers and we have a salad every day until they are gone and hopefully by that time there will be more.
I started 8 more lettuce plants in the little peat pots and it looks like at least 7 of them are starting to grow.
For some reason our beets don’t make a round beet but only thickened roots. The greens on them are lush though and I like to cook them up. Maybe it’s because I saved the seeds from last year. Next year we will buy seeds again.
We have also been eating our corn every lunch and supper. It is really nice and sweet this year. Last year we did not have too much but this year it is plentiful. Must be the horse manure Cliff spread this Spring.
The squash is winding it’s way on everything. I just hope they all ripen. There are more vines than squash but it is hard to see in that jungle out there. I saw one crookneck the other day. I like to eat those raw. I have to wade my way through all the vines to get to it.
Our weather has been outstanding. This morning it looked like we might finally get some rain but the clouds went away and now it is sunny.
That’s it for today
Good bye for now ☺



  1. I envy you all your beautiful vegetables. That corn sounds so good. Maybe someone in your neighborhood could use the blackberries. We had an old folks home where we came from, and we would load up a bunch of extra vegetables and fruit and take in to them. They all loved the fresh foods, and saved them a little money too.

  2. You're making me hungry. My favorite meal is fresh vegetables - don't need meat at all.

  3. People who have too many blackberries, should count their blessings, as they are the best fruit on the planet, but if you cut them down, a curse will be bestowed upon you and you will be attacked by the same yellow jackets that are now feasting on those same blackberries, so be warned!!! I live in a blackberryless province.,.,.,., hope you take heed.