Friday, August 13, 2010

It’s a jungle out there

We had a great lunch today. Sockeye salmon filets, fresh carrots and beans, a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, radishes and onions, home-made dressing with cilantro, beets and beet tops and potatoes. All the veggies straight out of the garden and  we got the fish a couple of weeks ago. I canned 32 jars and froze 5 of the tails.
Our garden is absolutely overgrown.

Corn patch


Back gate to the garden

Cliff is starting to clear parts of the garden  to get it ready for the winter. I think it is way too big. Today I tried to give away some beets and tops but nobody was home so they will go in the compost since I don’t have any more room in the fridge.
We just started to pick beans and there will be tons. I will have to do a lot of canning. On the other hand we like to eat fresh veggies even in the winter so the canned stuff will just sit there. Grrrrrr. I really hate the thought of so many people going hungry and I am crying about too much food. It does not seem right.
Somebody asked about Moosetracks ice-cream. It is super delicious and consists of vanilla ice-cream with tiny peanutbutter cups as well as lots of chocolate fudge throughout. Here come the pounds!! Try it….. you’ll like it ☺
It was really hot today and when I went to the Mill Bay library and to do a bit of shopping I was very thankful that we now have air-conditioning in the car, so I finally found something that I like about the new car. I am still struggling with parking. I don’t drive too often because most of the time Cliff and I go together, he does the driving and I like it that way..
It is starting to cool off a bit so I better go outside and enjoy the evening.
Good night everybody ☺


  1. We first tried Moosetracks ice cream in Denali, Alaska. It is the best flavor ever!

  2. That is some garden you have, and that is some dinner you fixed! I'd like to stop by for dinner - if I was closer :~)))

  3. I'm jealous of your prolific garden Vera--I have tiny tomatoes that will probably never get ripe before it frosts, small squash and cucumbers that may or may not get ripe before frost. But, I've had lots and lots of lettuce!

  4. Id fire that gardener in the corn patch, he isn't keeper up with the weeding, how much do you pay him??? obviously not enough!!

  5. I love your garden, and find since we started full-timing, it is one of the things we miss most. Love fresh vegetables too.

  6. What in the world do you do with frozen salmon tails?? Yuck! :)

  7. I defrost them and fillet them, skin them. dredge them in flour mixed with paprika, salt and pepper and fry them in olive oil or butter. They taste delicious. Sockeye salmon is the best salmon. Yummy ☺