Saturday, August 28, 2010

A plumbing emergency

Yesterday I cleaned out under the kitchen sink and found a small leak. The newspaper I had there was wet. Of course I called the resident handyman and he tightened whatever it is called under the sink. I had placed a little dish with a Kleenex under the area that leaked. When I checked that awhile later it was wet and the handyman was called in again. This time her really tightened it hard which left the water gushing out Sad smile . When we checked it out we saw that the pipe had corroded and so we needed a whole new strainer basket assembly. It was too late to go shopping so we left it until this morning. Since I also wanted to buy some green peppers and celery for my tomato sauce we decided to go to Canadian Tire instead of Rona and stop at Farmer’s Market on the way.

I was able to pick up a bag full of green and yellow peppers for $ 1.99 of the quick sale table. That was great.
Canadian Tire had quite a few different basket assemblies and since we had our old one with us we picked one that seemed the same except it was made of PVC which we figured would be better. I also wanted a new faucet swivel for the kitchen tap. Our old one that we bought years ago on the flea market in Quartzsite had come apart. I don’t know what I would do without one so I picked one up as well. Home again Cliff got to work and installed the new unit but we saw that it stuck up too much above the drain and there would always be a little water still in the sink. Also the swivel was not the right one, it did not turn into a sprayer. Canadian Tire is quite a ways from where we live so we decided to go to Rona after all, it’s just up the road from us we could have saved a trip into town but then I would not have had my peppers and celery. We found exactly the right strainer and tap swivel. Next time we get to Canadian Tire we have to take both back.
That was my exciting day Smile so far. Hope the rest is better.
Weather was great again. On the way to town this morning we had turned the heater on in the car and on the way back the air conditioner.
Good bye everybody ☺



  1. Don't you just love those plumbing problems? We had one a few weeks ago. Our outside shower just started spraying water everywhere, so we finally just blocked it off. We never used it anyway. Love your kitchen sign.

  2. Love the dahlias! Is that your garden? I don't like to even think about plumbing issues, let alone deal with them. :)

  3. Plumbing problems are the worst. We always seem to need to call in a plumber if we have a problem. Your dahlia pic is wonderful.

  4. I just hate it when I have to return something. Such a waste of time, gas, etc.

  5. I live in a province in Canada where they don't have kitchens built into their houses, it's called Alberta, you should move here, as the houses are cheaper and there is no sales tax, just GST, that we housewives have no control over!!