Thursday, August 19, 2010

Much better !!!

The temperature has been much more to my liking the last few days. Nice and sunny but not too warm. We have bamboo blinds on the outside of all the windows that get sun during the day and that helps keep the inside cool. 
This year our tomatoes are not not as plentiful as in other years. We just get enough to eat every day but I don’t think there will be any for canning. I don’t mind that because we still have lots of tomato sauce and tomato juice from other years to last us for next winter. The beans are coming on with a vengeance but I don’t like to can many because I would rather eat fresh veggies even in the winter.

our bean poles
Beans 2010

I made a big pot of hamburger meat, beans, onions and green peppers yesterday for lunch and froze enough of it for 6 more meals. It will be easy cooking on busy days, just boil a few potatoes and that’s it plus our daily salad.
This year we also don’t have many potatoes. I am quite happy about that because normally we have too many and in the Spring I am peeling all “pruned-up” potatoes which is not a pleasant job. Here is one of our malformed potatoes but they all taste good.
I also baked yesterday. I wanted to have something nice and sweet so I baked what in my hometown is called “Amerikaner”, a stiff batter with flour b.powder, sugar, custard powder, eggs and milk. Good size blobs of that on a greased baking sheet and baked for 14 minutes in a hot oven. They spread out and look like a little hill when they are done. While still warm the flat bottom side gets a glaze of icing sugar and hot water with a squirt of lemon juice. There were 9 of them and only one was left this morning and that is gone now at 9 AM. You can see why I don’t bake too often.
We don’t have too many flowers but I love these Dahlias.


I better start my jobs for today.
Good bye everybody ☺


  1. I love dahlias too. I used to grow a lot of flowers, but since we started full-timing, we now get to look at all of God's flowers. Yours are beautiful.

  2. I love fresh vegetables and fruits, but I am glad I don't have to cultivate them myself. I really appreciate the local farmers who grow them and bring them to markets so that we can know we are buying as fresh as possible, which you can't know in a grocery store.

  3. I usually cook more than enough food to keep some for leftovers. Even in our smaller RV fridge, we can keep some meals tucked away in the freezer to use another day.

    Your garden looks great!