Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More fixing to do

One problem solved and here comes another one. One of the burners of our stove started acting up. The stove is ONLY (Winking smile) 34 years old but I am used to it and I don’t want a new one. So… in comes the resident handyman with tools and an old cord from a waffle iron. That man is GOOD!!!! A 2 hour job and it is as good as new!! I am very thankful and happy. It is the burner I always use for frying things and canning. It would only get really hot once in awhile. I hope I get another 34 years out of that stove. Hmmmmm … that would make me 108 years old. Yup, that should do it.
Last night we had a great rain. We sure appreciate it. The Island was very dry. So far we have had no problem with our well so we were lucky. Right now the rain stopped but it is cool and dreary outside.
I just picked a few more beans and I think there will not be many more. The ones that are still coming are way up and we need a ladder to get to them. There is still a lot of them on the stalks but they are too big already so we will use them for dried bean soup and chilli in the winter. Half of the beans are Appaloosa beans which are not good to cook fresh but are great as dried beans. 
While I was out there I took a picture of on of our Dahlias. These ones are as big as a dinner plate. Very pretty but not good in a Vase.


That’s it for today.

Good bye everybody ☺


  1. What would you do if the handyman said no way Vera,?????????Eddiex

  2. My handyman knows which side his bread is buttered on!!!! ☺

  3. Beautiful header. Sounds like the garden is winding down. Stay safe.

  4. I'm with you on wanting to keep the old stove. It's amazing sometimes what a new heating element can do, or some other quick fix. Those older models can go on forever it seems.

  5. Your flowers are beautiful, Vera. Does your stove have a warming oven? I'd love to have one of those old stoves.

  6. Those dahlias are beautiful, I used to grow them when I lived in Cobble Hill about 12 years ago, but I never dug them up in the fall and eventually the huge pink ones took over and all the rest went by the wayside, you must dig yours up to have such a nice variety. I lived on that island from when I was eight till I was fifty-four, I thought it would have sunk by now!!!