Wednesday, September 1, 2010

3. fixing problem

I hope this is it. Our water filter tap leaks and we have to wiggle it lots to shut it off. It is only 4 years old but the valve does not have a guaranty. Darn. We called the company in Toronto and they are sending a new one out by mail. It was under $ 10.-- including postage, so that was not too bad. I only wish we did not have pony mail here in Canada. Trying to shut the tap off is very annoying.
The weather has been beautiful here today, sunny and warm. I noticed that when Rick describes our weather here in Cobble Hill we quite often differ. He does live close to us but there seems to be a distinct weather line between us. I often notice that when I drive to Duncan.
Today I cooked a first for lunch. I was watching a program on CityLine this morning (I have a TV in the kitchen) where they were preparing quinoa. I decided to give it a try. First I looked on the internet to make sure I cooked it right. I combined it with chopped red pepper, celery and carrots. I had a bit of chicken left over and added that too. It was very tasty. I used a cup of quinoa but that was way too much so I decided to make a soup for tonight with leftover corn that we did not eat at lunch. My cooking for today is done already. I love that.
Now I better go out in the garden and pick beans. There is not too many of those left. I am actually glad about that because I am just about “beaned out”
Hope everybody has a great day.
Good bye everybody ☺



  1. I really need to try quinoa again. When I tried it years ago I thought it was the most disgusting, tasteless stuff I could every imagine! I guess you have to add lots of savory things to it to give it some taste - sort of like eggplant.

  2. The quinoa sounds yummy. I keep meaning to try it, but always forget to buy it when shopping.
    - Mary Ann :-)

  3. What is quinoa? Don't think I have ever heard of it..

  4. Quinoa is one of my staples since I have food sensitivities. Be sure you rinse it well before you cook it. I usually cook it in chicken broth to give it more flavour.

  5. I'm with Pidge. What in the world is quinoa? :)