Monday, September 27, 2010

Back to Mini Holiday

I am feeling better and hope it stays that way.
We left home on Thursday, 9th Sept. around 9 AM. The weather was beautiful and the drive up Island great. It took about 5 hours to get to Port Mc.Neil where we would take the ferry over to Sointula on Malcom Island.
After Campbell River the scenery was breath taking at times. We stopped many times to have a look around. The traffic was very light, only a few cars and some logging trucks. I tried to take a picture of a logging truck but they were gone too fast.
DSC02624 (Medium)

DSC02625 (Medium)

DSC02626 (Medium)

Part of a logging truck
DSC02633 (Medium)

Coming closer to the North Island the weather deteriorated a little bit but we did not see rain the whole trip.
Arriving in Port Mc.Neil we had lots of time to look around before the ferry left for Sointula. We bought a few goodies from the local Field’s store. Later on we found out most of that stuff came from somewhere in Asia and was out-dated. Live and learn. We ate it anyway ☺ and most of  it still tasted OK. Normally I always look at the best-before date but that time my eyes just fell on the yummy packaging. We very seldom even buy cookies and such, so this was supposed to be a treat!
One of the packages was particularly “un-tasty” so I started to throw a little piece to the one crow that was looking for hand-outs. Should not have done that…. within seconds a whole herd of them arrived. They were so bold they tried to hop onto the window and on top of the car. Boy, I was ticked off at myself.

DSC02638 (Medium)

In due time we caught the 4.05 PM ferry. It only takes 25 minutes and the weather was still quite nice.
To be continued later ☺
Good bye everybody ☺


  1. Nope, you can't feed just one of anything!

  2. Sounds like a fun-filled day. Crows are always ready for a hand out. Stay safe.

  3. Hi Vera.

    Just popped in to say hi on this Sunday afternoon. For a change the sun is shining but still quite cool for this time of the year. Enjoy reading your blog. Hugs Joy.