Friday, September 3, 2010

Computer background

I am with John on this. I love to have my pictures as desktop wallpaper. I have used this free little program for over a year now and really like it. I made a folder in my Documents under “pictures” and called it “Wallpaper” When I get tired of a picture in that folder I take it out and add a new one. It’s nothing earth shaking but it gives me pleasure to see my pictures on the desktop. Maybe somebody feels the same and can use it.
We went shopping again today and this time to Duncan Canadian Tire. They had several items on that I could not live without ☺ One of them was small solar lights. I now have one each in my flower baskets and one outside by my windsock. “Small things amuse small minds” I can hear that already ☺
The traffic through Duncan was unbelievable. It took us over 20 minutes to get through on No. 1 highway. Lots and lots of RVs on the go. The same thing will probably happen on Monday or Tuesday and then the School holiday’s are over and we can get back to normal.
Now I am waiting for it to get dark so I can see if all my lights are working.

Good night everybody ☺



  1. Putting solar lights into the flower baskets is something I would never have thought of. What a terrific idea! You might post some pictures for us.

  2. If you lived in a part of the world where you had a normal amount of sunlight, such as the prairies you wouldn't need to spend needlessly on solar lights for your flower baskets, I would give considerable thought to rectifying that situation!!!! A concerned reader of trivial BLOGS

  3. I love the idea of lights in your flower baskets. I be they will really look pretty after dark. The traffic here in WI. is really horrible today too..