Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sointula. Part two

After a 20 minute ride on gravel roads we arrived at our friend’s house. What a beautiful area they live in. The driveway is a little steep but that makes the house overlook the ocean from a higher vantage point. Only the road is between them and the beach.
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We had not seen each other for a long time so that night we had a great sockeye salmon dinner with a nice bottle of wine and a good talk session.
The next morning the fellows went off in the boat to catch some fish. They could not leave too early because the fog had rolled in. It cleared in due time and off they were.

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They came back with 3 nice Coho.
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Meanwhile Donna and I went on a trip around the Island and stopped in Sointula to do some shopping. Fridays and Tuesdays are Donna’s shopping days.

“The 800 or so residents of Sointula (on Malcolm Island) are proud of their heritage - a socialist commune founded in 1901 by a group of far-sighted Finns. The name "Sointula" means "place of harmony" in the Finnish language.

Today the Island boasts a more diversified population, but still retains much of its founding philosophy and lifestyle. It is no cute, commercialized tourist trap. Instead, Sointula is genuine, from the commercial fishing boats in the harbour, to the oldest cooperative store in British Columbia, Canada, to the network of gravel roads that allow access to a natural wonderland.”

We had a great time on that trip and collected 3 shopping bags full of discarded cans and bottles. It never ceases to amaze me why people have to throw their empty cans etc. just out of the car. Don’t they realize that somebody will have to pick them up???? Anyhow, we turned them in and got some cash for them. It was a fun thing to do, almost like looking for Easter eggs  Smile
We stopped at a campground by the ocean. Not too many people were there since the holiday season was over. I loved the smooth rocks that the beach consisted of and took a few home with me.
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This is getting too long, so I better say Good night ☺
more to follow.


  1. Sointula sounds like a lovely place!

  2. Thanks for sharing this beautiful little place with us. Stay safe.