Sunday, October 3, 2010

Runaway crookneck squash

Today Cliff worked in the garden and he kept coming in the house with more and more produce. I was already working on the last lot of tomatoes that needed to be cooked. I washed them and chopped them up a bit and then ran them through the food processor and froze most of them that way. I have too much pasta sauce already. For tonight I am building a soup with some of the tomatoes and lots of crookneck squash.

Remember the jungle we have in our garden?

The corn, squash and blackberries are all intertwined and there was no way we could get in there to check for squash. Now that it is time to harvest we finally see what’s growing. Crooknecks are a summer squash much like zucchini, only better. They were hiding and this is what it turned out to be:

crockneck 004 

On the left is the size they are supposed to be! We tried one of the big ones for lunch and we still liked them like that, so there will be no waste. 

We also have a crisper full of cucumbers in the fridge. Too bad we cannot preserve those for the winter. Contrary to most years we don’t have very many potatoes.
Cliff picked all our apples even though they should have stayed on the tree a lot longer. Every day he noticed that there were less and less of them on the tree which did not bear well at all this year anyhow. We have a few resident grey squirrels and they can strip a tree in no time at all. Same thing happened with our prune plums. One day the tree is full and the next day they are all gone. Very maddening!!! Now I hope the apples will ripen in the house.

Enough of my garden woes and successes,
Good bye everybody ☺


  1. I love yellow squash lightly breaded and fried. One of the little ones makes a meal for me! :)

  2. I too love yellow squash but unfortunately my plants didn't bear any this summer, all I got was two zucchini! Enjoy.

  3. I love crook-neck squash too. I love your posts about your garden. Do you make pickles out of your cukes? Stay safe.

  4. I could do with one of those squash, but I guess I'll just have to come out sometime and eat one with you!! That is the only way I'll get one. I think I'll buy one at the store today and see if I like those yellow ones. Do they have as many nutrients as the hubbard squash? I love the deep orange flavor of them. Your gardener looks overwhelmed by the lush greens in your garden, but I am sure he is up for the task.,.,.,

  5. Do you make Green tomato mincemeat? I am in the process right now, once I find jars, the neighbor here gave me lots of tomato's...
    Great treat at Christmas time...