Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bedtime for the Garden

Cliff has been working hard in the garden and even I have gotten into it but only for a little bit.
It was time to dig the dahlia bulbs. I was totally amazed by how many corms (is this what they are called?) there were under each dahlia.Dahlia tubers (3)
I think I look like a real gardener??
Dahlia tubers (6)

I had to rinse the corms because there was too much dirt hanging on. I dried them in the sun for awhile and now they are in the family room drying a bit more. After that I will dust them with Wilson Bulb and Soil Dust, a combination of Insecticide and Fungicide, put each lot in a paper bag and all of them in an orange net bag and hang them up to wait for the Spring. I will check them often to see if none of them rot.
If anybody knows of a better way to store them please let me know since I am just a novice gardener. My “normal garden job” is weeding. I am good at that ☺
Today is supposed to be the last day with some sun; tonight the rain is supposed to start with some wind thrown into the mix.

For the first time in years I did not buy any Halloween candy! How horrible is that!!! In the last few years nobody came to our neighbourhood for trick or treating and I used to eat all the candy by myself, hardly waiting for 7 PM when I figured nobody would come. Sometimes I could not even wait that long. So this year I fooled myself and I am already sorry, so if somebody should come I have a stash of quarters ready.
Now it is time to eat my Bran muffin.
Good by everybody ☺


  1. I used to cut off each individual bulb and store them in a box covered in peat moss, when I lived in Cobble Hill, you have a nice crop this year, so you should have lots an lots of flowers next year, don't forget to put a handful of bonemeal in each hole when you go to plant them. I quit digging them one year and the only ones that came back were the giant pink ones............Leah used them in flower arrangements when she owned her flower shop in Oak Bay...... you do look like a gardener~~

  2. I forgot to tell you to store them in a cool dry dark place for winter, and that's all I know!!

  3. I think you look like a full-fledged gardner, and you certainly sound like you know what you are doing!

  4. I'd rather have a quarter than a candy bar any day! When I was a kid, a neighbor handed out dimes, and that was like winning the lottery! :)

  5. Sounds like your plan for your bulbs is a good one. I think Rodger on the Victory Garden use to dry them off and then put them in boxes of peat or sand. Your plan sounds better to me. Maybe make sure it is a cool dark place to store them.