Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Busy Day

I was busy all day long but cannot show too much for it. Some days are like that. Only thing to show is 6 loaves of bread.
We only have one loaf in the freezer and

Sonja is coming for a visit and I did not want to bake when she was here. It will be the first time for bread in the new range. I also baked bran muffins. Lately that is what we have for a break in the afternoon. I would call it “coffee break” but that might keep me awake at night.
This morning I went to Mill Bay to get some toiletries at Pharmasave. It is Senior Day with 15% off so I took advantage of that. A penny saved is a penny earned (or you might even have to earn more depending on your tax bracket Surprised smile)
Cliff has been busy in the garden plus getting fire wood in for the day. Most of our wood is cut in fireplace lengths but now with the insert it has to be cut shorter. Makes for double the work but sooner or later we run out of the long stuff.
Our flower baskets are still hanging in there but they will have to come down soon.
This is the time when we used to leave for Arizona and I feel a bit sad for not going but it is nice to be able to follow the RVing Blogs. Pretty soon Al and Kelly will be leaving and I will be able to read all about their travel.
I still miss reading Margie and Bruce’s Blog. It was always so interesting.
That’s it for today,
Good bye everybody ☺



  1. The joke is great. I hadn't seen that on before. Maxine is my favorite. Stay safe.