Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Saying Good-by to an old friend and helper

That’s what I will have to do in a few days. This helper has been in my house for the last 34 years but now it is time to retire it.

My friend and helper


By the colour you can see that it really is an Oldie. It has served me well for all those years and I really hate to see it go but the time has come. Over the years Cliff has kept it going many times. The oven burner had to be replaced a few years ago. Then the large back burner needed a bit of tender loving care and it is still working now but the large front burner that Cliff fixed a few weeks ago is very temperamental. It works one day and refuses to do so the next time I want to use it. The timer stopped functioning quite some time ago but the self-cleaning still worked great. I just had to turn it off manually at the right time. I finally was fed up and went to town to buy a replacement. I found what I wanted at Sears. No smooth top for me after I googled reviews on those. They are probably fine for people who don’t use cast iron cookware or do canning but I have and do both of those things, so I definitely wanted coil burners. Now I hope that the new stove will last longer than I do Smile It should be delivered some time next week.
The matching fridge still works great and I hope it will do so for a long time. So now I have a colour miss-matched pair, but that does not bother me.

Great sunny day here again and life is lots of fun.
Good bye everybody ☺


  1. I have a beige fridge and a white (smooth top) stove. They came with the house. As long as they work, I'm happy, at least for now!

  2. That old stove looked very familiar!

    I had a smooth top stove for a while and hated it. When we moved and had to replace the stove I bought the kind with coils. I use cast iron and can as well, but the main thing I disliked about the smooth top was I couldn't simmer things on a low heat.

  3. I can't believe you are getting rid of perfectly good looking stove, just because a few elements are giving you a bit of trouble, what happened to that good ole pioneering spirit?

    SUCH WASTE!!!!!!!!

  4. Where's the new stove? Let's see a picture of that...and the fridge! xoxoxo