Saturday, October 30, 2010

Flu Weather

This surely is a Fall day. When we got up this morning it was foggy. We had an appointment to get our Flu shot in Duncan. A few days ago, when I called to find out when the flu clinic would be in our area I was told that it was “yesterday” Grrrr but luckily there was another one not too far from us. Our appointment was at 9 AM so we got up early to have breakfast and a quick look at our computers (can’t start the day without that!!!) and off we went into the foggy world. I was the first person to get stabbed and Cliff was next. Now we are good for another year. While we were there more and more people arrived and I was astonished how many cars were in the parking lot. I was sure glad that I had elected to have an early appointment.
After we left there we dropped off a couple of old tires and old oil at the dump/recycling centre in Duncan. I have never seen so many seagulls in all my life.
This picture is nothing like I saw a short while after but I was too astounded to grab the camera. Thousands of gulls flew out of those two tall doors in the picture. It reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock's “The Birds”
What really terrifies me is the fact that the “Powers that be” want to build a similar facility about 500 meters from my house! We are fighting this tooth and nail because it’s in an Agriculture zoned area. How dumb is that plus there are houses all around it. One property's well is about 200 feet from the proposed site.
One of the workers at the site today told Cliff they had “non- lethal poison” to get rid of the rats. HUH????????
One nice thing today though: We finally bought a new Radio receiver. We don’t want a home theater just something to listen to FM and AM. Just the same this thing has a remote control with half a million buttons. Our old one is 37 years old but it needed to be retired. The speakers are as good as new and they are nice pieces of furniture so we kept those.
After that I wanted to have a Big Mac but when we got there it was so noisy and crowded that we decided to go home and eat our home cooked meal. We had Hamburger curry on rice with squash and Swiss chard and a salad. Beats a hamburger I think.

So that was my day so far.
Good bye everybody ☺


  1. I think your home cooked meal beats a hamburger in a restaurant by a mile!

  2. That lunch sounds so good. I would much rather eat that, than a hamburger. I understand what you are saying about those birds in big numbers. That could be very damaging to your place.