Saturday, October 23, 2010

Someone is going hungry tonight

squash nibble

Those darn rats!! We pulled the rest of the squash vines from the garden this afternoon. All told we have 26 nice size squash and quite a few little ones that taste great cooked even unpeeled. The harvest is a far cry from the over 70 last year and over 90 the year before but the plants started very late this year. I guess that was because of the wet spring. I am quite happy with the count since it is always difficult to find enough room to keep them all. This way I can look after them better. Every few days I check all of them for bad spots. So far so good.
I also cut all the Dahlias. Maybe they will come back next year but I am not holding my breath. None came back from last year. While I went around pulling everything Cliff ground it all up and we were just finished when it started to rain.
Oct. 2010 (2)
Above is the last of the gladiolus but I don’t think it will still bloom.
Below is the second last one that I have had in the house for a few days.
Oct. 2010

Our one and only rose bush is still blooming but because of the rain the roses don’t look very good so… no pictures.

Oct. 2010 (3)

We have a bunch of these flowers that come up every year. The seeds were given to us many years ago. They are supposed to be edible flowers. I don’t know what they are called. We have never eaten any.
Time for the News,
good bye everybody ☺


  1. I think the flowers are Calendula..I don't know about them being edible though but they grow profusely from seed.

  2. Calendula...all manner of things are done with this plants. The pioneers used them a lot. I have some that came from Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto and they just keep reseeding themselves!

  3. The collage of fresh fruits and vegetables in your header picture is just beautiful.

  4. I like your header too. The other girls took my guess, but I am pretty sure they are right. Calendulas are one of the easiest flowers to grow and love to reseed if they like where they are growing.

  5. Thanks for the info on the flowers. I checked it on the Internet and sure enough you are both right. Yes, according to what I read the petals are edible.

  6. I always dug up my dahlia roots in the fall and over wintered them in the basement. Planted them again in the spring, and viola! bigger plants the next year. :)