Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New kitchen range

Here is my new beauty


It was delivered last Saturday. I really like it so far. I have been baking and of course cooking. The old stove is sitting in the garage and I am sure lots of it’s parts will surface attached to some other items when Cliff is through with it.
Our kitchen is very narrow so I cannot take a picture of the whole stove.
When we looked for a plan for our house way back in 1974 while we were living in Germany I wanted a kitchen that was small and that I could close off from the rest of the house. That way the smells and heat created by cooking, and canning would stay in the kitchen and not go through the whole house. Of course smells of baking is another thing, those I like.
We could not find a plan that suited completely so we just modified the one that came closest.
Now I wish I had a bigger kitchen with a small table just for the two of us. Times change and tastes too. Oh well I am so used to it now and am happy.
We have had a great run of sunny and warm weather although for 2 days there was frost on the roof. Rick is very lucky to be on his shake-down cruise with his new 5thWheel while the weather is good.
Nothing in the garden got killed so that was good. I still could pick the second last gladiolus and I hope the last one will make it too before the frost comes for real.

Good by for now ☺



  1. My last favorite stove was one of those glass top ones. I really liked it. It was so easy to clean. :)

    You should take a picture of that last gladiola.

  2. I like the new stove. I know what you mean about times changing as well as tastes. Things I thought I needed and wanted 10 or 20 years ago don't apply now.

  3. Nice stove. I can already smell the cookies baking.. :) I would like to see a picture of the glad too. Stay safe.

  4. Howdy Vera, that stove looks just like mine, only yours is clean, and I bet the oven is too. it is really great to cook on, my last stove had a glass top and WAS very easy to clean the top, when your pots boil over, but it never got as hot as the one I have now, and the oven was never as consistent with the heat either, mine is a fridgedaire, and I highly recommend it, especially since I am such a Gourmet!!!
    Hugs Moi

  5. Nicki just bought a new stove too.Like Mother like daughter.

  6. an end of an era....your kitchen is no longer fully "that 70's show". Just don't change the living room!! PS...better use that stove to bake my birthday cake...don't burn it!!! And, knowing you guys, I should say "don't eat it" !!! xoxoxo