Thursday, November 4, 2010

A beautiful day

The weather yesterday was beautiful. Sunny all day long.
Last Monday was Sonja’s (our daughter) birthday and on Tuesday we picked her up at the airport. It was so great to see her. Yesterday we went shopping for her birthday gift. We stopped at the Shoe Warehouse first and both tried on several pair of shoes for me and boots for Sonja. Neither of us bought any. Sonja could not make up her mind and I could not find anything that I could not live without. Off we went to Mark’s Work Warehouse. The first pair I tried on had the “It’ factor and I bought. On the way home Sonja thought about the boots she did not buy and after a bit of back and forth we stopped back there and bought those for her.
When we got home I made a birthday dinner. We had invited Sonja’s girlfriend.
The day before Sonja came I made our family’s favourite cake, a “Prinzregententorte”. It takes at least 2 hours of constant work to build that. 7 cake layers with chocolate butter cream in-between. Each layer is individually baked; cleaning, buttering and flouring the pan between baking. It is a sweet-lover’s dream.
Prinzregententorte 4 

Sonja will be here until Saturday morning when we will have to be at the airport by 8 AM, no later.
I hope everybody will have a great day ☺


  1. Happy birthday to Sonja. That cake looks yummy!

  2. Happy Birthday Sonja. That cake looks delish. It would really go great right now with a cup of coffee.

  3. That cake looks awesome! Enjoy your visit with your daughter!

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes! The cake was delicious but all is not as it appears!! Thanks for the excellent visit M&D...I absolutly love the boots...they are just like the ones in that movie with Matt Damon "Hereafter"...great boots!