Friday, November 26, 2010

Not so cold

I am happy to say that the snow is melting. It rained quite a bit which helped to clear the streets. Unfortunately it will probably freeze later on tonight which makes the streets slippery and unsafe. I hope people take heed and stay home.
That’s what I did today: Stayed home Smile
I finally backed my computer up to an external hard drive. I had not done that for some time and this morning the thought hit. I would hate to lose all my documents, pictures etc. Tomorrow I will back up Cliff’s computer.
I also read a bit and finished my latest book: “The girl with the dragon tattoo”. Now I am waiting for the second book in the trilogy “The girl who played with fire”; I am no. 17 on the waiting list and I also wait for the third book “The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest” My number for that is a distant 439. It will take awhile before that arrives. The first book was a bit long-winded with lots of names to remember.
I fried some Coho salmon for lunch. Our friend Donna vacuum packed that for us when we were in Sointula. It sure is better than just wrapping it in freezer paper for freezing. The filets tasted fresh. I don’t normally like fried salmon but I am changing my mind, it was delicious.
Tonight we had chicken soup with lots of veggies and quinoa. I use quinoa for every soup I cook lately. I really like it.
Now to go and sit by the fire and read some more.

Good night everybody ☺


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