Sunday, November 14, 2010

Helping out

My daughter Sonja is the volunteer coordinator at the Kelowna Gospel Mission. They look after the homeless of Kelowna. At times I have volunteered there too when I visited with Sonja. The Mission has a free dental office for the homeless and are trying to raise funds for 2 more chairs to facilitate dental services. Pepsi Cola has a project on-line to give away $ 100 000.00 for a good cause. The public is invited to vote for the cause they think is best. Sonja asked me to vote, vote, vote, which I have been doing a lot. I was wondering if some of you would also like to help out. Each vote could mean the difference between success or defeat. Here is the website:
I usually vote and then sign out at the bottom of the page and then I can sign in again to carry on.
Right now the Mission project is number 17, so quite far away from no. 1 but the voting goes until December 31. of this year. It would be nice to see 2 more dental chairs in the Mission dentist’s office. I am sure the homeless would appreciate it.
I have not been doing too much today but I made chicken a la king for lunch and also made a chicken soup that will last for 2 evening.
My iriver MP3 player has been giving me some grief and I tried to get it going properly which took quite some time. I still don’t know exactly what I did but it works again after a fashion. I would love to buy a touch iPod in the near future thinking that I could use it for my audio books plus I could get my email at some Wi-Fi spot if
I am travelling. What do you think Rick about using it for my audio books? I would appreciate your thoughts on that.
Now I will do a bit of reading.
Good afternoon everybody ☺



  1. I too have been thinking of getting an Ipod touch and will await Rick's thoughts! I think I would like to listen to books while I am quilting.

  2. The iPod Touch is great for listening to audiobooks and it's not that bad as an eReader either. The iBooks app all seem to have bookmarking capability. Like most stuff with iPods, there are dozens of different free apps available so while all may not offer bookmarking, the ones I've used all do.

    The iPod Touch is also handy for browsing the Internet and getting your email whenever you are in range of a free wifi spot. This makes the Touch a great value over the regular iPod Nano or Classic. The Nanos start at $159, the Classic is $279 and the Touch is $249.

    I love my iPod Touch and take it with me whenever I go anywhere.