Thursday, November 18, 2010

An unsuccessful shopping trip

This afternoon Cliff and I went to town. Cliff had an appointment and I wanted to look for an iPod. He dropped me off at London Drugs where I eagerly looked for the right department. I found the iPods and could even turn one on but something was wrong with it so I was waiting for a sales person to help. One was busy with another customer but then the customer left and so did the sales person. I waited for another few minutes but nobody came so I turned around and while I walked to the entrance I met up with a clerk and told him they just lost a sale because nobody came to serve me.
Off I went to Staples not far from London Drugs. There I found all kinds of paraphernalia for an iPod but no iPod. I asked at the front desk where the iPods were and they told me “in front of isle 10.” I went there but all I could see were pictures of an iPod Touch, no iPod. Back I went to the desk and the fellow told me that the iPods were locked up but none were ready. Hmmm don’t know what he meant by that. He also said they were too easily stolen and made no move to help me further so that was the second store I left unsatisfied.
I guess the only other place around here is Future Shop. I was there a couple of weeks ago and they had them on display tied with a wire to the shelf and I could even handle them. At that time I had not made up my mind which MP3 player to get so I left.
The stores want to make sales to beef up the bottom line and then they treat their customers in above manner. I just don’t get it.
That was my beef today but the rest of the day was great. The weather held on but it sure looks and smells like snow.
Time to have a bran muffin and a cup of coffee.
Good bye everybody ☺



  1. I have an ipod nano,love it! Gordon has an ipod touch, he loves it! It's the way to go, that is, if you can find someone to sell you one. LOL

  2. I ordered my iPod Nano direct from Apple, but I still haven't had any luck getting it set up, and I've pretty much lost interest. The instructions that come with it are awful, and I even found some online that are a little more detailed, but still can't seem to get it going.

    I agree with the state of decent help in stores that claim to want your business. But products that aren't intuitive and user friendly are a problem also. There are folks who like the challenge and are good at installing and tweaking. But I only want it to work, and it shouldn't be that difficult to write easy to follow instructions.

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