Saturday, November 13, 2010

The verdict is in !

Like I said in my previous entry, I started the “Cincinati Skyline Chili” We ate it the day after served over spaghetti with lots of cheddar cheese and soft assiago  added. It sure was different from our normal chili but both of us liked it. So the recipe is a keeper. Today we had a meeting at our place this morning so not much time to cook. I had frozen lots of the chili because using 2 pounds ground beef made a large amount. I quickly defrosted one of the frozen tubs and we had it over potatoes, also with lots of cheese. That tasted even better than over spaghetti, so it’s a double keeper Smile  
We had another sunny day yesterday but needed the fire going inside. In the morning a friend and I went shopping in Mill Bay and had a coffee afterwards at a little coffee shop in  Shawnigan Lake. That was a disappointment because they had changed to a different coffee type. They used to make each coffee separately but now ours came from a large thermos sitting in the back. It was not very good and we will have to find a new haunt for our coffee breaks. In the afternoon I baked 2 kinds of cookies and one pan of bran muffins for our meeting this morning. That took care of the afternoon.
Right now I see it is raining and the rest of the day will be very lazy for me.

Good bye everybody ☺



  1. One thing I remember from my younger years, but have't needed it for that reason for a long time, is that it is the best stuff ever to cure a hangover. This kind of chili is kind to your stomach, whereas other kinds can cause indigestion sometimes.

    The chili is also used to make "Coney Islands" which are little hot dogs in small buns with mustard, chili, and whatever toppings you like - cheese, onions, etc. They are hard to duplicate because the buns are steamed and the hot dogs are something special, plus being a small size.

  2. It might also be good wrapped in tortillas with lettuce and cheese and tomatoes. I must try that some time.

  3. Yep, that is scary--rap music as the golden oldies????