Saturday, November 6, 2010

Visit over

We had a great time together. As usual it was way too short.
I always like it when one of my girls is visiting. We go shopping together and I finally get some clothes that are not years out of date Winking smile This time it was only a top and I really like it. Tomorrow I will wear it when we have company in the afternoon.
We were also able to get the Christmas gifts for our grandchildren. It is so much better when the Mom is with me since I have no idea what young ladies and gents like these days. (other than cars and such.Open-mouthed smile) The kids live too far away from us to find  out easily.
We left very early this morning to take Sonja to the airport just in case there was a delay on the Malahat but the traffic was very light and we got there too early. We are still from the old school when 5 minutes before the time was the right time. We got home before the flight even left Victoria and I was able to track it all the way to Kelowna. We hope Nicki will come for a visit some time too. (ya hear, Nicki!!!)
Before Sonja came I bought some Moosetracks ice-cream but we did not eat very much of it so now we have to finish it ourselves. What a calamity Winking smile
I better go and suffer through some of it!
Hope everybody has a great time ☺


  1. Glad you enjoyed your visit with you daughter Vera. Family is so important, I can't wait for Christmas in Arkansas with all my family. Enjoy that moosetracks! Janna

  2. Nice visit with your daughter! Moosetracks is one of my favourite ice cream flavours too!

    Thanks for sending me that picture from the dog park yesterday. Good catch too, as that was indeed our Molly! We got a big kick out of that as it's usually Rylie that manages to get in every picture!

  3. Glad you had a good visit with your daughter. Aren't grown up daughters fun to be with? I love going shopping with mine.