Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trial and Error

I have just spent a few hours fooling around with a trial Blog. Rick got me going on that with today’s post. First I opened a YouTube account which took me ages to do (I’m not too bright at times) I had to find a video but unfortunately I did not have one to post so I used my webcam to make one. It turned out way too long because I did not figure out how to turn it off in time. Grrrrrrrrr (Did I tell you I’m not too bright at times????)
I added it to my trial Blog anyhow, and now I have a Blog with an embedded video. All things considered I did not do too badly.
We had a bit of sunshine today after yesterday’s rainy day. I did not take advantage of it though since I stayed indoors all day.
A few days ago Pidge mentioned “Skyline Chili” and it sounded real interesting to me so I googled a recipe and prepared  the meat part today. Tomorrow I shall finish it and see if we like it. I know Cliff will be surprised when I serve it over spaghetti because until now we only know chili made with beans. In our younger years I used to try out all kinds of new recipes. It was hit or miss but mostly hits.
We are enjoying the last of this years flowers but not for much longer.

Gladiolus cropped

I never thought it would open up when it was still in the garden but as soon as I brought it in the house it started to bloom.
Time to do something constructive.
Good night everybody ☺



  1. I love Cincinnati chili and have to make do with however I can get it when away from that area. We have recipes of our own, and sometimes use the package seasonings. But there is nothing like sitting at a table at Skyline Chili with a big plate and a huge glass of really cold milk! It's wonderful. I hope you like it.

  2. Good for you in trying the video in your test blog. Now, we'll just have to wait and see one in your live blog.

    By the way, in Picasa, you can edit your video clip to change both the start and end times of the video to make it the exact length you want before uploading it to YouTube.

  3. What would we do without Rick?? Good for you Vera!