Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Preparing for possible snow

The weather forecast is not very good for our area so I decided to make sure I have all the groceries in the house that I could possibly use for awhile. I also went to the library for more books plus I have quite a few on my MP3 player to listen to. Wood for the fireplaces is close at hand and 12 gallons of drinking water in the bathtub so I think we are prepared for the first snow fall. Our bathtub is the best place to keep the water since once a gallon bottle leaked and most of the water soaked into a rug.
Tomorrow we have to go to Duncan for an appointment so I hope the weather will hold. After that we should be OK.
I played at the computer ( or is it on the computer?) for quite some time today. I found a new free program to create vision boards. I used it to tweak my header picture. It was fun but I have to learn how to use it better.
My day was very enjoyable.
Good night everybody ☺



  1. I always loved that preparation and anticipation of the season's first snow. A fire blazing and the wind and snow blowing around outside, but you're all snug - what could be better!

  2. If you are getting snow that must mean we will get snow a few days following! I love the cartoon today--I have two friends who literally wash the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

  3. Just to let you know that McDonalds coffee is free till Nov. 28th, any size!! Coffee stops cancer, especially prostate, so get your coffee now, it is the best at McDonalds!!! An Alberta reader....