Wednesday, September 8, 2010


We needed a few groceries and decided to go to town after lunch. The weather was nice and sunny as well as warm. As we were getting closer to Duncan we saw a large cloud that looked very menacing. Since it was so nice at home neither Cliff nor I were wearing a jacket. No umbrella either!! Cliff dropped me off in front of Superstore and then went to get gas for the car. When he met me in the store he had an umbrella in hand. It was in the trunk of the car. As the nice guy he is he let me use it and got wet himself!!! Am I lucky or what!!
While we were watching the News tonight Cliff saw a large bird scoot by the window flying to a tall fir in the back yard. He thought it was an eagle but turned out to be a Horned Owl. It stayed in that tree for quite some time. Maybe it is waiting for the grey squirrel that lives there. That squirrel is persona non grata here. It and it’s relatives wreak havoc with the plums and apples on our trees. It is amazing how heavy an apple they can carry in their mouths running across our lawn. This year there will be slim pickings because our fruit trees are not bearing well at all. I guess we cannot be lucky every year.
We are still enjoying our flower baskets. They turned out very well.

This is the beginning:

and this is how they looked a few days ago:

Time to move on.
Good night everybody ☺


  1. Very nice flowers. Sounds like you got some good rain too. It seems like the rain as followed us from Wyoming to Indiana.

  2. Hi Vera. Those hanging pots sure look good. We have had lots of rain as well and for a change our dams are running over.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving and stay warm. Hugs Joy.