Saturday, July 31, 2010

Quiet days

Until last Thursday it has been very quiet around our house but now our daughter is visiting and it is a bit livelier at least while she is around. It is her 30th School Reunion and that means a lot of visiting and functions.
Right now she has gone golfing and last night was a Pub Night. As usual I did not sleep until she was home again just like when she was a teenager. How dumb is that!!! I guess once a motherhen always a motherhen ☺
The weather has been outstanding although Sonja wishes  it was warmer.
I finally have been able to water our flower baskets to my heart’s content. The one with the bird’s nest does not look very good and I don’t think the flowers will come back. They just did not get enough water.
Yesterday we had our first 2 egg plums. They taste so good but there are not very many on the tree. I think the tree is getting too old. We are still harvesting raspberries and I already have 5 bags of 3 pounds each in the freezer. The squash plants are absolutely growing wild. They are through the corn and now attacking the raspberry bushes. Some of the branches were outside the wire fence that surrounds the garden. I tried to lead them back but a few days later they came back through another loop so I guess the deer will have fun with that.
I have not weeded for ages and it sure shows. My knees really don’t like the crouching, so the veggies must fend for themselves.
I would like to welcome Karen and Al to my Blog. I have read your Blog and enjoyed it. My Granddaughter also lives in Georgia and likes it very much.
It is time to eat a bowl of “Moose Tracks” ice cream now.

Good bye everybody ☺



  1. Yeah....Moose Tracks ice cream...I wish there would have been some left for me!!!!

  2. I have never heard of moose tracks ice cream, I wonder what it looks and tastes like, can't beat vanilla in my books though!!!!