Monday, July 26, 2010

Back to general blogging

Now that the birds are gone I can get on with blogging only once in awhile. Not very many blog-worthy events in my life. That is the way I like it.
My flower baskets are finally getting their due in moisture. I have to water several times during the day because they are in full sun most of the afternoon.
I also have a cherry tomato on the balcony but they only get the morning sun. So far there are only 3 tiny tomatoes but lots of bloom. It seems that the blooms just shrivel without setting fruit. I have no idea why that is. I even shake the stalks a bit but it does not help.
Cliff was telling me the day after the baby birds flew the coup that he saw one parent with one of the babies trying to teach it to fly. It looked like they had success, so I was pleased to hear that. I hope the other baby survived as well. I saved the un-hatched egg. It is fairly heavy for it’s size. I tried to get the nest out of the basket but it is totally interwoven with the dirt and flower roots, so I have to leave it in there.

un-hatched Junko egg

It has really been hot here lately and I don’t like it. My favourite temperature is around 22 C. I have all windows and doors closed with bamboo blinds on the outside and insulating drapes on the inside so the rooms stay pretty cool until around 5 PM when it gets too hot upstairs but it is still bearable downstairs. At that time it starts to cool down outside and I open all doors and let the breeze come through. At night it cools down to 12 to 14 C and the house starts cool again the next day. I like Spring and Fall better than Summer except that this Spring was not very good. Too much rain. We could sure use some of that now !!!
Well, that’s it for today.
Good night everybody ☺



  1. I hope the little birdies make it ok. What do you think will happen to the unhatched egg? Can you just keep it without it spoiling?

  2. I just found your blog and enjoyed the baby birds. We currently have 3 nest boxes with Bluebirds. I removed two unhatched eggs yesterday. They were surprisingly light weight. I'm glad they successfully fledged. I like happy endings. Our Bluebird babies look very much like your birds.