Saturday, July 17, 2010

Only two???

I cannot see more than 2 little birds. It's hard to take a picture because I have to blindly point the camera since I cannot see the view finder from the angle I am shooting from and I am always in a hurry to get out of there.
Before I go out on the balcony I look to see if a parent is sitting on the nest or one is sitting on the power line and if there is none I venture out and invariably it only takes less than a minute before one of them arrives and starts chirping at me so I retreat quickly.


They are starting to get feathers now. This time next week they will be gone. Too bad because it is fun watching them.
I did not do too much today just the normal puttering around. This morning I picked some veggies and took them around to the neighbours. We have more than we can eat. I think we really should only have half the garden although it's nice to give away what we cannot use.

Good night everybody ☺


  1. Is it possible that the first chick that hatched is already for flying lessons? It doesn't take long, and I imagine once they can fly they are on their own.