Thursday, July 22, 2010

Last picture

I took a picture of the babies this morning.
It did not turn out too good so I wanted to take another one but when I tried both birds left the nest and flew first to the balcony and then down to the grass.
It is the 12th day since the first one hatched so they probably will be OK. On one website about Oregon Junkos it said that they take 9 to 10 days to fledge.
I have been watching them through binoculars and it looked as if Mom was trying to teach one of the babies to fly and I also have seen them feeding the babies on the ground. Right now I can only see the parents. The last I saw of the babies one of them was hopping into some taller grass under a tree and the other one was also under some grass by the fence. I guess the parents led them to safety, at least I hope so.
I certainly wish them well and hope they have a great and long life.

Last picture in nest

Last picture on the ground

I’ll update if something new occurs.


  1. You're going to miss those babies, even though you'll be able to water your plants now.

  2. Looks like it's time for the empty nest syndrome to kick in! :)

  3. I just wish I could know that they are OK. Maybe they should have stayed in the nest a little longer.