Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Very shy birds

I have not been able to take any pictures that are worthwhile. I can see the little birds peaking above the nest with mouths wide open but as soon as I open the patio door they duck down and lay there quietly. Also Mom and sometimes both parents will fly in and sit on the power cable leading to our house and scold me or maybe they are cautioning the babies to keep mum in the nest. It is now the tenth day since the first egg hatched. I would think that it will not be long before they have their flying lessons and then disappear. My flowers will be very thankful. They look pretty scraggily.
Until the sun hits the nest sometime after lunch the parents fly back and forth to gather food and feed the babies but as soon as the sun hits the nest the Mom sits on the nest again until the sun leaves. That really makes me think that this is to keep the babies from frying in the sun.
It has been hot this afternoon but there always is a nice breeze. Cliff and I picked up quite a few wheelbarrows full of firewood to put in the woodshed. It was drying behind the house in the sun before going into the woodshed. It will not be long and the shed will be full. Then the heating season can come whenever. Sometimes I wonder if we are sane to do all that work ☺ Cliff always says it is good exercise.
Good night everybody ☺



  1. I think you've got about 4 or 5 days before you'll be an empty nester. :)

    There's nothing like a nice warm fire in winter. I think it's worth the work.

  2. haha.. maybe that bird is not a photogenic at all so better luck next time, but I liked your story and hope this children will touch your heart too

  3. I too hope we are empty nesters soon, there are 2 baby robins in a nest built in one of our younger spruce trees and I like to water that whole tree but I have refrained since Mom built a nest.