Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot hot hot !!

but there is relief in sight. Right now it is overcast which makes quite a difference. For the last few days we had all the doors and windows closed and covered until later in the evening. We also have a few fans going. We don't really need air-conditioning because we don't normally get too hot for any length of time. This morning we drove to Mill Bay and the air-conditioning in the car was a blessing.
I really feel sorry for Momma-bird. In the afternoons it must have been boiling in the nest. She flew off several times during the last few days. When the nest was empty I was able to water all the flower baskets and I think I saw her in the area where I had watered, I supposed it was cool for her. It should not be much longer now for the eggs to hatch. I hope they all do.
It is too hot in the computer room to stay here for a long time, so I shall say
Good night everybody ☺


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  1. I like that rose, it looks very beautiful, whose yard did you take that picture in????