Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cloudy Day

but we had no rain which is great.
Yesterday Cliff fixed his wood splitter and today I helped him split the load of wood we got last week. I had never helped before and was not too keen on it but to my surprise it really was a lot of fun. I manned the lever that moves the splitting wedge and Cliff loaded the big blocks of wood onto the splitter. It was so satisfying to see those big blocks being split without too much arm-power ☺ It only took a little over an hour.  All that remains now it to pile the wood and cover it with a tarp which will be removed when the threat of rain is gone and we get nothing but sunshine (I hope).

wood splitter 044
wood splitter 043

We are supposed to get hot weather all next week. That thought galvanized me to get our bamboo blinds out from under the beds and start mounting them on the outside of the windows that get lots of sun. That way the house stays much cooler. We used to have big trees in front of our house which kept the house cool but we have more cold days when the sun is most welcome so the blinds are a good compromise.
No news about our little Momma. She is steadfastly sitting on the 3 eggs. I have found out that she does not stay away very long if I water her basket. I try to do it though when she is not there. Today I saw her on the grass by the house feeding. At least I think it was her because I ran upstairs to check the nest and Momma was not there. I did my watering then and she was back shortly after.
Pretty soon 60 Minutes is on TV and I shall watch it.

Good night everybody ☺ 

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  1. Wow, that is one big pile of wood. Glad the wood splitter did most of the work. Enjoy your week ahead.