Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another "golden" day for Canada

Yes, Canada has a third gold medal. This one in Ladies speed skating. It was a really close win but a win is a win ☺
More news:  Cliff caught a mouse in his new Intruder mousetrap. He also had more mice in the older traps. I wonder how many are in our garden. Maybe they multiply faster than we can catch them. As long as they don't try to come in the house I am not too worried.
I finally used my pasta machine again this morning to make whole wheat pasta. It turned out really well and we enjoyed the lunch that I made.
After lunch we drove to the Old Mill Park in Shawnigan Lake.
Old Mill Park (25) [HDTV (720)]
It was a great day for that. The leaves are starting to come out on the trees
Old Mill Park (2) [HDTV (720)]
This park is at the site of the Shawnigan Lake Lumber Co. that operated  from 1881 to 1945. In addition to its extensive industrial heritage, Old Mill Park has become a popular recreation site for family’s and nature enthusiasts. In the summertime we often go there to swim. That is Cliff swims and I read a book.
One can see lots of signs of the former use.

Ivy covered concrete foundations
Old Mill Park (16) [HDTV (720)]

Old tank?
Old Mill Park (19) [HDTV (720)]

Old Mill Park (26) [HDTV (720)]

Old Mill Park (18) [HDTV (720)]
Paddlers on Shawnigan Lake
Old Mill Park (14) [HDTV (720)]

We walked to the end of the park and then walked back via the train tracks.
Old Mill Park (22) [HDTV (720)]

It has been a really nice day and the sun has a lot of power already. At noon we even let the fires go out. Spring cannot be far behind, (I hope).

Good night everybody ☺

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Vera, really liked the rowers, but isn't that Ivy covered and not Ivory covered, or did I miss the elephants in the bushes??? Max