Monday, February 1, 2010

Back to the dreary weather

This morning it was only overcast but after lunch it started to drizzle and then turn into rain. Oh well, we had a good day yesterday.
The other day Cliff decided he only wanted half a mug of tea after lunch. I figured it was better to just use smaller cups and while I was looking for some I found some old mugs that I got free years ago when buying Nescafe, so I brought those out. The first time I served tea in those Cliff mentioned that they are probably antique. I did not think so but out of curiosity I googled  them and lo and behold I found some and the price was $ 20.00 for two !!!! They are exactly what ours look like. It is amazing what some people will pay for stuff. 

Coffee mugs 

Another very good find is this fireplace tool set.
Dsc01751 23

Cliff happened to see it on Used Victoria for FREE. It it very heavy and seems to be solid brass. It looks absolutely like new and never used.
Since we went to Victoria anyhow we were able to pick it up. I still cannot believe somebody giving that away. It might be that they changed to a gas fireplace and did not need it any longer. We can sure put it to good use.
I made bran muffins this morning since Cliff's niece and daughter came over this afternoon. I lucked out on my choice because the daughter really likes bran muffins.
On to my book.
Good night everybody ☺

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Anonymous said...

That is a great fireplace outfit, what a find, mine was just a cheapy compared to that, and belongs at the Goodwill. Nice pictures as usual! Max